The Let’s Do Business Eastbourne Expo returns to the Winter Garden for the 10th time.

Does it really seem that long ago since its inaugural show in 2008?  Bringing together 100’s of business owners, directors and managers, it’s become part of the summer calendar for the business community.  Our key supporters, Eastbourne UnLtd Chamber of Commerce, Platinum Business Magazine and the Eastbourne Herald, continue to help us to bring like-minded business people together for the day.  This year it’s on Thursday 6th July, 10am – 4pm. For further details please visit

Event organiser, Wes Game, was asked – Why do businesses come together for the day?  “Most business owners and managers want to grow and develop their business. They spend a lot of time networking and building up contacts as well as time and money trying to get to speak to the right person at a specific company.  Well, The LDB Eastbourne Expo helps with both of these.  You can network and speak to numerous people during the day.”  One exhibitor said “I can catch up with over 30 people which would have taken me over a week to achieve”.  Exhibiting also means you can show people what you do and demonstrate how personable you are.  It helps to overcome the barriers we set up due to the high level of sales calls and emails that we now receive.

Most of us have been talking about BREXIT for far too long and we just want to get on and grow our businesses.  Businesses that are positive and want to move forward are the ones that seek opportunities and get out on the front line.  For more information please contact Event Organiser, Wes Game on or 07823 320175. Please visit our website