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The team at Locate East Sussex provide an innovative service for growing businesses that offers assistance with location decisions and access to funding, helping to accelerate business growth within East Sussex.

locate-east-sussexWhether you are a start-up business looking to move into your first commercial property, or an established organisation looking to expand or re-locate, or a company looking to move into the county, Locate East Sussex can provide invaluable assistance and funding.

With close links to commercial property agents, developers and local planning and economic development teams, Locate East Sussex is well-placed to connect you with the key decision makers and provide valuable information to get your business moving.

East Sussex has a wide range of affordable and flexible commercial premises, is home to a committed and skilled workforce and is supported by leading schools, colleges and universities. Combined with good transport links, it’s expanding superfast broadband network and excellent business support, it’s easy to see why so many companies find East Sussex the ideal business location.

More information about how Locate East Sussex could help grow your business can be found on the Locate East Sussex website. Contact the team on 0844 4159255 or email enquiries@locateeastsussex.org.uk and connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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